Something warm.
Something you can’t help looking for.
Something you can’t help choosing again and again.
Something that feels infinitely gentle.
Made only from parts of the kimono that use soft and elegant silk, which has the gentlest touch when in direct contact with skin. Blended with Thindown fabric from NIPI Italia, once you roll it up around your neck, it will use your skin’s warmth and breath to shield you from the cold. To give you more choices according to your mood, they are reversible and come in 2 lengths. The buttoned type which adds an accent to your fashion is slightly shorter. The magnet type is perfect if you want to elegantly match it with your coat. This silk snood that is a great addition to the collars of your coat has infinitely “gentle” warmth.

イタリアNIPI社のダウンシートを使用し、首に密着させることであなたの肌のぬくもりと肌の呼吸があなたを寒さから守ってくれます。 気分で選べるようにリバーシブルスタイル、長さも2種類よりお選び頂けます。 アクセントにもなるボタンタイプはちょっと短め。 エレガントに装いたいならマグネットタイプのクロススタイル。

AITTA designs all started when my grandmother left behind a lot of the beautiful Kimonos.I was fascinated by the splendor of the beautiful silk threads and woven designs,which made me want to introduce this traditional culture to as many people as I could.Then as I thought about what I could do. AITTA started making special designs with these vintage silk fabrics.


Warming the neck is said to be very good for the body. I’ve heard that warming the neck from the shoulders to the neck helps the parasympathetic nervous system to work better and improves the overall health of the body. However, I am prone to skin problems due to the friction of knitwear and the change in temperature outside, so I was looking for a suitable product.


I remembered that women in kimono wrapped too much fabric of soft kimono around their necks, so I also tried it. With an indescribable supple warmth and lightness, it is comfortable even if you wear it all day. The encounter between such silk fabrics and high-quality Down sheet was an opportunity to make this product. And today, I wanted to remember the teaching of “use it up carefully”.