Have the lonely days without that family, friends or lover passed?How fun it would be if you were here for those casual conversations and special nights. And when that person comes to the house next time, you will want to serve up an unforgettable experience. The beautiful Japanese fabrics that we sell imbues these various wishes in their patterns and designs. “Wishing you the best”, “Stay safe”, “To my dear …” Wouldn’t you like to experience these magical moments with your special someone as you tell them about their profound meanings? We hope your wish comes true.

ずっと逢えなかったあの人と、久しぶりに逢えるかもしれない。気のおけないおしゃべりが弾む特別な時間。どんなに楽しいでしょう。 そんな大切な人をお迎えできる時、忘れられない最高のおもてなしをしたいと願うのです。ご紹介する日本の美しい織物たちには、その柄や模様に様々な想いが込められています。 「あなたが幸福でありますように」「あなたを守っています」「愛しい人へ」・・・ そんな趣のあるメッセージをテーブルに宿し、大切な人と過ごす時間はいかがですか?あなたの願いが叶いますように。

We have made folding fans using ornamental knot techniques to accompany certain products. Please enjoy this additional “specialty” item made from a single belt like our flower and candle ornaments.May your living or dining room be enriched with an air of elegance—this is the wish we’ve poured into our crafts.We have started accepting custom orders due to customer demand, allowing you to select a custom belt and length. Please consult with us for details.


We have chosen valuable vintage designs that many women have loved,to help enrich your modern life.These items are a one and only original piece Of work.The texture only by the vintage is an important story of this OBI,too.


Silk products are very delicate. We have treated our products with water-repellent so you can use our products with peace of mind, but this does not make them completely waterproof. If water or dirt gets on the product, immediately use a soft cloth to clean it without rubbing. Please see the user’s manual that comes with your product for details. You can dry clean the silk in order to maintain it, but we recommend sending it to us, as we ensure that we will treat your product with the utmost care.