I find this difficult to put into words, How could this simple shape make a woman look so beautiful ? It must be because the kimono fabric has calculated beauty. When I wear it, Straight lines turn into curvy lines. In the wind the silk seems to become a part of oneself slowly along the line of the body. In special scenes or relaxing street clothes it may be, I made one just for you just for you to enjoy. 


I use SHIBORI or RINZU to make one dress. It is light, wrinkle resistant and compact, also recommended for travel events and dinner attire. In addition, arranging it with a belt can change impressions. It goes well with layered clothes and leggings, And can be used in a wide range of seasons.


Enchanted by the beauty of natural decolletage,  around the collar. By using the softness of silk for the shoulder line,  to help cover your upper arms, which can become a sensitive area for some. While making them simple without zippers or pockets, It impresses  the sense of luxury, as if you are wearing a kimono. Each button is different, to keep you playful.


The number of good SHIBORI kimonos  are decreasing year by year. I was fascinated by its work and miraculous beauty. Black TOMESODE is the same. Luxury kimono that was once common place to bring when getting married. Without ever wearing  them. Sad to say a part of the beauty of Japan will be long forgotten. Our goal is to pick up where we can and breathe a new breath into the remainings of the KIMONO we come in contact with.